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VALUE ... that's something we hear so often that it has essentially lost its meaning. But that is exactly what KINETIC INSTRUMENTS is all about. Early in 1977, we were founded based upon the principle of providing high quality equipment at value oriented prices. In the beginning, our main direction was the design, production and perfection of high output light source systems for the dental industry. Since then we have expanded our capability but have not abandoned our philosophy.


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What we instilled in our product offering back in 1977, which deliberately survives today, is a genuine pricing structure to quality ratio that is unequalled in the industry. This is a simple decision, not an economic necessity. The other half of the price/quality issue is, of course, the quality. So many manufacturers offer lesser products for less and better products for what ever the market will bear. To solve this continuing parade of illusion, we again chose a simple path ...  offer the best products at a reasonable price.

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Our "roots' are imbedded in the dental and medical industries. Through several pivotal patents and design enhancements, Kinetic Instruments was responsible for changing various technological directions and reshaping practices and procedures employed today. Since then, we continue to focus our resources on the custom development, marketing, and support of a myriad of specifically designed light generation equipment not only for dental but also for the expanding industrial adhesive industries. As a result, we have evolved into virtually the only company dedicated to the CUSTOM manufacture of light generation equipment.

Due to our experience and ability to control all aspects of this specialized field, we are capable of understanding and quickly responding to any product configuration requirements or market goals initiated by our many valued customers. Our price points are, generally, more dependent upon individual customer structure considerations than purchase quantity or market potential. Therefore, we are able to concisely evaluate and closely align product capability with varying marketability constraints. Consistent with our primary growth orientation, we cordially invite you to present us with your individual challenge.

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Thank you for choosing to discover Kinetic Instruments Inc. Our staff of qualified sales and engineering personnel are standing by awaiting your inquiry. Oh, by the way, please accept our apology for some graphic discontinuity on our website while we are reconstructing in consideration of present day technology.

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We don't especially believe in automated telephone systems.

They have their place but not in our business. When you call,

you can be guaranteed that there is always a knowledge real

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a pleasurable feeling. 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST Monday - Friday


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Unfortunately, unlike American Express, we are not available at

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We absolutely love doing business using e-mail together with live

telephone conversations. E-mail permits us to send you all sorts

of pertinent documentation, personalized quotations, photographs,

and just about anything else you could think of. Also, some of our

people, especially in engineering, are here very late in the evening

which comes in handy when time zones aren't convenient.


Local or international: sales@kineticinc.com






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If you have the time ... we have the time. Or maybe it is just easier

to stuff a bunch of documents in an envelope rather than fuss with

digital conversion to PDF or whatever. Or, you may want to send a

birthday card to one of our people ... they like that. We are sure

they would tell you their birth DAY but maybe not the year.


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