Connection Selections for Product Code Field # 1:

  1240  ISO-C 6-Pin
Connect directly to any brand
ISO-C 6-pin coupler with built-in halogen or LED lamp assembly.
Select 1240 in field #1.

1241  5-Hole Fiberoptic 
Connect to any 5-hole handpiece
using Kinetic 1242 halogen black
lamp module with red gasket.
Select 1241 in field #1.

1260  Vari-Lux LED 
Connect directly to 5-hole H/P or
any fiberoptic H/P using appropriate
fiberoptic 5-hole coupler. 
Select 1260 in field #1.
1221  Kinetic-360 
Connect to Kinetic-360 swivel quick
connect fiberoptic style handpiece
coupling with built-in lamp.
Select 1221 in field #1.
2430  4-Hole Non-Fiberoptic
Connect directly to any 4-hole
handpiece of any style. Use for
any other device using 4-hole.
Select 2430 in field #1.
1211  5-Hole Fiberoptic
Connect to any 5-hole handpiece
using Kinetic 1212 halogen black
lamp module with black gasket.
Select 1211 in field #1.


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Tubing Style Selections for Product Code Field # 2:

Common polyurethane tubing is
available in straight or coiled.
Select "S" in field #2 for straight.
Select "C" in field #2 for coiled.

Euro 3-Tube 
Round outer jacket with three
internal service tubes. Lightest
and most flexible tubing style.
Select "U" in field #2.

Euro 4-Tube 
Round outer jacket with four
internal service tubes. Intended for
exact Adec tubing replacement.
Select "A" in field #2.


Tubing Color Selections for Product Code Field # 3:

  Sterling (Light Gray)
Select "T" in field #3.

Select "Y" in field #3.

Dark Surf (Shadow)
Select "W" in field #3.

Select "F" in field #3.
Light Sand 
Select "D" in field #3.
Select "K" in field #3.


Configuration Selections for Product Code Field # 4:

Standard     Tubing assembly uses stainless steel nut and
does NOT have any special features or custom configurations.
Select "S" in field #4.

Adec Installation    Tubing is exact replacement for Adec
color and includes four quick insert o-ring style installation fittings.
Select "Q" in field #4.



Length Selections for Product Code Field # 5:

  5 Feet 
Select "05" in field #5.

7 Feet 
Select "07" in field #5.

9 Feet 
Select "09" in field #5.
These codes are used with
Adec replacement tubing.
They are specified by Adec.
Select "61" inches or "85"
inches in field #5.
6 Feet 
Select "06" in field #5.
8 Feet 
Select "08" in field #5.
10 Feet 
Select "10" in field #5.