.: Over 30 years ...

Kinetic Instruments was one of the pioneers of fiber optic technology for dental handpieces in the late 70's and one of the first to use LEDs for composite curing in the late 90's. In other words, we've been around for quite a while. Not just in terms of age, but also experience. Since we specialize in what we do, our personnel know pretty much everything there is to know. That's not bragging ... only fact. If you would like to find out about something ... just ask.


.: ... of product innovation

Paraphrasing, "... from knowledge comes innovation". That's basically our middle name ... innovation. We have created hundreds of products over the years by simply listening and gaining knowledge. Most of this valuable education is derived from our customers who share with us a particular problem. We then make a soup from a mixture of the problem with a healthy dose of engineering know-how. The result ... you can see for yourself by boarding thru our website.

.: What you can get ...

Not exactly whatever you want. In the dental industry, we are highly specialized in the design and manufacture of handpieces, light source systems for handpieces, connectivity devices for handpieces, light curing instruments and a few other unique accessory products. As a dentist, you absolutely need the type of equipment that's our specialty. Since you have to purchase similar products, why not talk to the experts. Our number is at the top of the page.

Viper˛ High Speed                            more detail


The "2" is actually a mathematical "squared" symbol. It doesn't mean much

except as an indicator of the extent to which the Viper handpiece has been

changed. What does mean something is that after over 30 years of Viper high

speed sales and trusted service, we decided to produce a new handpiece that

incorporates all the features that our customers have been raving about in the

Viper 360 and Quantum handpieces. Those features are unusually high torque,

pleasant quiet operation, high brightness cellular optics, all stainless steel body

construction, push button chuck and triple port water spray ... impressive, right?



Viper 360 High Speed                      more detail


The Viper360 has been the popular workhorse for Kinetic Instruments and our

valued customers for over 30 years. When an individual product performs this

well, our engineering people have a strong tendency to leave it alone. The

primary objective of any high speed handpiece is to cut tooth structure in as

little time as possible. After all, whether you are a doctor or a patient, this

part of dentistry is unpleasant. Viper360 employs an "open" style turbine

design which is one of the reasons for its unusually high cutting capability.

Viper 360 also happens to be the quietest handpiece in the dental industry.



Viper HT High Speed                      more detail


Viper HT is just a slightly larger head version of Viper 360. But it is amazing

what just a small incremental increase in diameter can do. About 20% greater

torque !! So why would you need all this extra cutting power? Well, if you are

a doctor who performs a substantial amount of reconstructive crown and bridge

procedures, your high speed is working overtime and any little bit of time

savings in bulk tooth reduction can go a long way toward soothing your day.

Are we correct? Continuing the open turbine design produces the greatest

torque vs. diameter and, of course, super quiet operation is standard.


Viper MINI High Speed                 more detail


This is an oddly interesting handpiece. Not necessarily concerning the design

but more in its intended use. The Viper MINI is, after all, just a small version

of Viper 360. The interesting part is that you probably don't need it unless

you are a pedodontist. However, every so often there is that single patient

who can't open wide enough or perhaps still has all their wisdom teeth.

THEN, you absolutely need a little smaller head size than standard. You

could try to wedge a larger bite block in there and struggle with a standard

head size handpiece, but why bother? Have a MINI handy and relax.



Viper 5H High Speed                     more detail


Well, let's see, what can we say about Viper 5H. It is probably better to tell

you what it doesn't do! You can go back to the top of the page and read

about Viper 360 because the 5H is pretty much the same except without

a few features. Maybe not a few but only one ... it doesn't swivel.

Because it is designed to attach to a standard 5-hole tubing connection,

it really can't swivel. So, if you happen to have an older delivery unit or

a spare 5H line on a new unit, you could stick a Viper 5H there. Also, it's

generally less expensive to purchase ... so that may be attractive.



Quantum High Speed                    more detail


Quantum is truly everything you would ever need in a high speed handpiece.

Excellent torque, durable stainless finish, 360 swivel, cellular optics, triple

water spray ... blah, blah, blah. Go to the Quantum page to get the full list.

What is most important is that Quantum offers every bit of quality, looks,

performance, feel and longevity as competitive handpieces selling at twice

the price. High speed handpieces don't need to be constructed from exotic

materials such as double dipped passivated rhodium, titanium, plutonium

or whatever. Save your money ... reliable stainless steel has proven best.



Viper 101 Low Speed                     more detail


Long before the official air-driven high speed handpiece was introduced into

dentistry, the ancient "high" speed belt and pulley driven handpiece was

extensively used throughout the world. Although this crude device was

very uncomfortable for both doctor and patient, it did have one interesting

attribute ... conservative tooth structure reduction was, for the most part,

pretty much mandatory. Well, there are many operative procedures today

that only require minimum reduction for a successful restoration. So why try

to be super careful with a high speed? Use a Viper 101 with friction head.



Viper 301 Low Speed                     more detail


You certainly wouldn't want to do operative work with this handpiece. It's

way too slow and not meant for that anyway. Viper 301 is designed for all

the grunt work that requires extremely high torque at a nice mellow speed.

Perfect for contouring, fine finishing, crown adjustment, etc. In addition,

by simply adding a 10:1 speed reducing head, you can place pins or even

instrument an endo canal with a quarter turn endo head. Polishing?

Absolutely. You may not think that fiber optic lighting is necessary on a

low speed handpiece but just wait until you try it ... delightful !!



Viper 901 Low Speed                     more detail


Viper 901 should actually be called a hygiene handpiece. It comes standard

with a quick connect prophy head and can be used with either screw type

or snap-on prophy cups. We are firm believers in re-usable heads instead

of throw away. All that nasty non- biodegradable plastic that lasts for many

thousands of years. Not to mention that throw-away heads usually don't

run too smoothly. Infection control a problem? Not really because throw-away

heads are only about two inches long ... what about the air motor? If all

this stuff is still not convincing ... how about $1000 in annual savings !!



Viper SONIC                                    more detail


Many customers mistake the Viper SONIC handpiece for a competitive

instrument similar to the Cavitron or some other hygienist device. In

actuality, it was specifically designed for use by doctors during operative

procedures. Relatively often, a piece of calculus is bothersome when

performing a restoration. Since the Viper SONIC quickly and easily

connects in place of the high speed, it is a simple matter to remove the

calculus without looking for and dragging into the operatory your

hygienist's utrasonic scaler. Pleasant convenience.



E-T Air Motor                                  more detail


E-T, of course, stands for E-Type which means that the air motor

connection is compatible with all "E" type accessories. There are many

such instruments on the market and it is not very obvious from the

outside which ones are better than others. Of course, all manufacturer's

representatives will tell you that theirs is best and we might as well join

the party. All we can say is ... trust us. The air motor is not as simple

as it looks and, in fact, is more complicated to build than any high speed

handpiece. We have to rely on our reputation.



Sunlite LAZER                                 more detail


No, it's not really a laser, that's why we spell it differently. But it has so much

curing power that it acts like a laser without heat. Sunlite was one of the first

curing instruments to use multiple chip LEDs for light curing applications. When

the lighting industry found out how to produce a much more powerful blue LED

emitter, we quickly incorporated it into Sunlite and called it Sunlite LAZER. This

device has pretty much become the industry standard and with a little bit of our

own added engineering, the output it up at 1600mw/cm2. So what's so unique

about Sunlite? It installs into your dental unit for the ultimate in convenience.



SunSpot                                           more detail


Not everyone likes a handpiece style curing light like Sunlite or SunBurst. Also,

there may be some beneficial clinical aspects to a portable battery operated

instrument. Using the same high intensity blue emitter employed in our Sunlite,

SunSpot provides powerful energy of 1600mw/cm2 for curing the toughest

restorations. The sleek modern design incorporates a base that holds the curing

light, a power supply for charging the batteries and a handy light meter to check

that SunSpot is always operating at maximum output. Ergonomic and perfectly

balanced, this curing light is rugged enough to withstand many years of service.



SunBurst                                          more detail


At the present time, there certainly isn't any shortage of different curing lights

to choose from. Average light output is about 1100mw/cm2 and average price

is steadily creeping up to around $900 to $1000. Interesting enough, many of

these devices have fairly complex operational characteristics. We did a survey

of our customer base and found out that most dentists wanted a conservative

light output of around 1100 to 1200mw, a mechanism to turn it on and off, and

some sort of timing function. So here it is ... SunBurst. Two methods to turn it

on and off, 1300mw/cm2, 10 second tone and inexpensive as a bonus.



TransCure Transilluminator         more detail


Every dentist using this instrument loves it. The TransCure modular diagnostic

transilluminator uses ideal color chromaticity LEDs to produce brilliant white light

that is just the perfect brightness and concentration to diagnose all manner of

clinical problems without using x-rays.  Many doctors have said that this device

has been able to substantially increase practice revenue by detecting early

carious lesions and surface cracks while at the same time saving patients from

future problems. Unique electronic design allows for extended non-use periods

without battery depletion. Polypropylene material for easy disinfection.



HP Light Source and Tubing         more detail


We have made more handpiece light source systems for the dental industry

than all the rest of the manufacturers combined. Also, the greatest variety.

Your dental unit probably has one of our systems. Not only can our modular

light source systems provide brilliant pure white light for your handpiece but

the tiny power pack can also power high intensity curing lights that can be

installed directly into your delivery system. There is nothing on the market

that performs better or can be used with so many different fiber optic

handpieces. After all, 40 years of experience has to produce perfection.



Vari-Lux 5H LED                             more detail


Technological advancements in the manufacture of high output and efficient

white LEDs have enabled their integration into light sources for the dental

industry. These LEDs produce brilliant white light far superior to the light

generated by incandescent halogen lamps. They operate cooler, are mostly

smaller and do a better job of illumination. So what's so special about this

particular design? Intended specifically for ISO-5H handpieces, the unique

Vari-Lux takes advantage of LED characteristics to permit variable intensity.

Also, using the service passages for dynamic cooling provides indefinite life!!



Vari-Lux K-360 LED                       more detail


All the same technological advancements in white LEDs that made the 5H

Vari-Lux possible went into the design of Vari-Lux K-360 which is specifically

designed to replace the halogen lamp in Kinetic-360 swivel fiber optic systems.

The only difference is that instead of simply replacing the lamp module with

an LED version, the Vari-Lux K-360 module gets installed directly into the

swivel coupling. If you are wondering why on earth would we make it more

complicated ... it's to take advantage of the dynamic cooling in the coupling

that provides an indefinite life expectancy!! Variable intensity is standard.



Vari-Lux LED Power Pack             more detail


Vari-Lux is so unique in the industry that we decided it would need its very own

dedicated power pack that could further enhance the LED experience. This new

power source differs from other devices in that it provides a source of current

regulated power which is preferable for driving a LED. This new operating mode

keeps the junction temperature of the LED emitter under control and effectively

prevents premature failure ... pretty nifty feature!! Of course, VariLux must be

variable in intensity so a super convenient control is incorporated that is literally

as easy as the push of a button. Six percentage steps going from 100% to 200%.







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